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Keno and Its Rules


Looking for some new gambling activities? We offer you to try playing Keno which is a really fast-paced casino game. While reading this article you’ll find all the information for starting playing Keno. So, what is Keno and what are its advantages?

Keno is quite similar to Bingo or Lotto. This game was developed in China. It was introduced in the United States of America in the 1800’s by Chinese immigrants. Those guys came to work on the railroad and coal mines. This worldwide popular entertaining game is very simple to play. While playing Keno you can easily win huge payouts with low-cost wagers.

As a rule, Keno is played in gambling arenas authorized by the local authorities. Anyway, there are people who can easily take your ticket along with the winnings. It happens when the players want to play outside the gambling area. All the casinos have a lot of tv monitors all over its area. It allows the players to be informed about the numbers of the game.

Have you seen a video version of Keno? It’s similar to a slot game which uses practically the same rules as ordinary Keno. In fact, the results can be received a little bit faster.

Keno rules are very simple. You need to pick up from 2 to10 numbers. The array is between 1-80. Every number is named a “Spot”. Let’s imagine that you picked up 7 numbers. In this case, your game is called a 7 Spot game.

Before starting playing Keno, you need to mark the winning numbers in your ticket. You have to give this ticket to the Keno desk and receive a duplicate ticket from the clerk. Later you can play with your selected 7 numbers. In a while, 20 numbered balls will be chosen from 80 available. They will be chosen in a random order. You have to compare those numbers with your ticket. You’re the winner if the numbers in your ticket matched with the numbers from the barrel. You won’t miss the results because they are broadcasted on all the casino monitors.

Keno is an extremely affordable game because of its low-cost bets. Some casinos allow making bets starting from 5 cents. Nevertheless, the sum of the bets in many casinos starts from $1. The winning prizes differ in each situation. They depend on the ticket type and the number of picked spots. One more Keno’s advantage is that you can play with an unlimited number of tickets, which increases the chances of winning huge prizes. In some occasions, you can win up to $100,000. This win is possible with only $1 bet. Looks like an advantageous offer, does not it?

Keno can be played in the casinos, pubs, restaurants or different shopping malls. The requirements are pretty low. You’ll need a couple of dollars and to pick up a few numbers for the game. That’s all. Now, you can test your luck with Keno!

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